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Pike County, KY Drunk Driver Accident Lawyer

According to the CDC, in the United States, roughly 32 people are killed every day in auto accidents involving alcohol-impaired drivers. This means that despite the fact that there are countless PSAs and other resources readily available to educate us on the dangers of drunk driving, someone is still killed roughly every 45 minutes as a result of drunk driving. This is unacceptable. If you were recently injured in an accident involving a drunk driver or your loved one has been killed in a drunk driver accident, our KY drunk driver accident lawyer stands ready to fight for you. Contact Shane Hall Attorney at Law, PLLC today.

Do I Need a Drunk Driver Accident Lawyer?

Many people wonder if hiring an attorney is really necessary when it comes to filing personal injury claims and pursuing compensation. In many ways, it is. A lawyer can assess the circumstances of the case at hand, obtain breathalyzer results, conduct accident reconstruction, and negotiate with insurance companies to get the maximum payout on your behalf. Drunk driving accidents are different from most other auto accidents in that there is also a criminal element involved; they are not just civil matters, so it’s best to hire someone well-versed in the law who can provide you with qualified and highly-skilled representation.

After the Accident

After a drunk driving accident, things will move quickly. For this reason, if you can, you should try and document the facts of the incident as well as seek immediate medical treatment. The first thing you should do is call the police. They will arrive with emergency medical services if you tell them you’ve been hurt. They will also likely breathalyze the individual if they suspect he or she is intoxicated.

You should also take pictures of the damage to your vehicle and the other driver’s vehicle (if you can) and ask witnesses for their contact information. After most auto accidents, you should try and get the other driver’s insurance information, but if the individual is intoxicated and behaving erratically, it may be best to stay a safe distance away and simply photograph the accident and their license plate number and await the arrival of law enforcement at the scene.

Once you get medical treatment and are in stable condition, you should consider speaking with a Pike County, KY auto accident lawyer who can listen to your story, gather additional documentation, and fight for financial compensation on your behalf. As long as we can prove the other driver was the direct cause of your accident, you should qualify for compensation to help you cope with the economic and non-economic damages you’ve incurred.

Kentucky’s Dram Shop Law

In Kentucky, the Dram Shop Law essentially states that an injured person may sue a commercial establishment for serving a person alcohol under certain circumstances. As long as the injured party can prove the establishment, such as a bar or restaurant, served a person alcohol who was already visibly intoxicated (i.e. slurring words, not being able to walk straight) and that person then got in their vehicle and injured them or caused property damage, they may sue both the establishment and the driver for compensation.

Does Kentucky Have a Social Host Liability Law?

Let’s say someone went to a party at a friend’s house instead of a bar or another commercial establishment and was served alcohol there. If that person then leaves their friend’s house and causes an accident, are you allowed to hold the host of the party accountable as well? In Kentucky, the answer is typically no because, unlike many other states, Kentucky does not have a Social Host Liability Law in place.

For this reason, if you’ve been hurt by a drunk driver under any circumstances, it’s paramount you hire a competent drunk driver accident lawyer who can help you recover the full and fair compensation to which you are entitled. Just because you can’t hold the host liable doesn’t mean you can’t hold the driver accountable to the fullest extent.

Contact a Drunk Driver Accident Lawyer

Anyone who has been hurt in an accident with a drunk driver can have confidence in their choice of a lawyer right here at Shane Hall Attorney at Law, PLLC. If you have further questions or you’d like to get started with the legal process ahead, contact us to schedule your free initial consultation with our firm today.

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