There’s nothing more frustrating than coming up on a patch of traffic only to find that the delays are caused by something in the road. However, this is often the best-case scenario, as road hazards commonly contribute to accidents. If injured due to a road hazard or another vehicle swerving to avoid the item on the road, you may not know how to proceed. Luckily, a Pike County, KY auto accident lawyer can help you navigate this complex issue.

What Are Common Road Hazards?

Unfortunately, there are a number of hazards that can impede roadways and cause dangerous conditions for drivers.

This includes loose asphalt, natural debris like tree branches or snow, wild animals, and flooded roadways. However, other hazards can include construction debris or goods from trucks. It’s important to understand that road hazards aren’t only limited to items on the street. They can also be poorly maintained roadways, potholes, raised manholes, broken traffic lights, and missing road signs.

Who Can Be Held Liable When They Cause an Accident?

The liability for injuries caused by a road hazard can be challenging to navigate.

In instances in which a natural hazard, like an animal, tree branch, or other natural debris, it may seem unfair to establish fault.  Sometimes, it is no one’s fault when a natural hazard causes an accident. However, if the driver did not safely navigate the road hazard, they can be held liable. It is their responsibility to operate a vehicle safely, such as following the speed limit and mitigating distractions. If they hit the hazard as the result of their own negligence, they can likely be held liable.

However, if a hazard such as construction equipment or goods from a truck leads to an accident, the entity responsible can be held liable. This includes the municipality responsible for maintaining the roads if they do not keep the streets safe. Similarly, if a construction company leaves their debris in the street which leads to an accident, the company and the entity who hired them can both be held liable for any damages incurred.

If injured in Kentucky, you have one year from the date of the injury to file a claim against the negligent party. This is true whether hurt by another negligent driver or the municipality where you traveled was improperly maintained.

As you only have one year to file a claim, it’s imperative to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible to help you receive the compensation you are entitled to. Luckily, Shane Hall Attorney at Law is ready to help you navigate this process. We will examine the circumstances surrounding your case to help you navigate the process of receiving justice for the injuries you’ve sustained.