For many, Apartment complexes are home. However, unlike a traditional house, tenants are only responsible for their units. As such, the landlord or property manager must ensure all common areas and outdoor property are safe and maintained. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and tenants and visitors can be victims of slips and falls in their building. The following explores how these accidents happen and what you can do to pursue compensation with the assistance of a Pike County, KY premises liability lawyer.

How Do Slips and Falls Happen in Apartment Complexes?

There are a number of hazards that can lead to slips and falls in apartment complexes, so familiarizing yourself with these risks can help reduce injury.

In some instances, unsafe stairwells can lead to severe injuries. When stairs are not constructed up to code, they may be too steep. Additionally, if there is inadequate lighting or broken handrails, the risk of slipping and falling down the stairs increases.

Aside from dangerous stairwells, you may also find that hazards in common areas like lobbies, hallways, and amenities can lead to trips and slips. This can include unmarked wet spots, loose carpeting or tiles, and wires left haphazardly on the ground.

Who Is Responsible for Injuries?

In most instances, the landlord or property manager for your building will be responsible for the injuries you’ve endured. This is because these entities have a duty of care to tenants and guests to maintain a safe environment.

If you wish to pursue compensation, you must be able to prove that the accident occurred because of the owner’s negligence. Essentially, you must be able to demonstrate the owner knew or should have known about the hazard and taken steps to prevent or remedy the accident,

For example, if it just started snowing and you slip and fall on the sidewalk outside, the property owner may not be liable because there was no reasonable time to prevent snow accumulation or shovel. However, if you fall because the stairs in your complex are too steep, the owner can be held liable as they should have known the building was not up to local code.

What Damages Can I Recover?

If you are injured, understanding the damages you can seek is crucial. Generally, you can pursue economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages include actual losses, like medical expenses, lost wages from time taken off work to heal, and prescription medication. Non-economic damages are more subjective and cover things like loss of enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, disfigurement, and mental anguish.

When you’re injured due to the negligence of a property owner, understanding the steps you can take to recover the compensation you deserve is vital. Shane Hall Attorney at Law, PLLC, is ready to represent you. Our dedicated firm understands how devastating these injuries can be, so we’re committed to helping you receive the justice you are entitled to. Contact us today to learn more.