Though often synonymous with summertime, swimming pools can be extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, it’s estimated that just under 4,000 people per year die in swimming pools. As such, you must take the necessary precautions to enjoy swimming under the summer sun. Keep reading to learn more about swimming pool accidents to stay aware of the dangers, and discover how a Pike County, KY premises liability lawyer can assist you.

How Do Swimming Pool Accidents Occur?

Swimming pool accidents are unfortunately all too common. The most common injuries associated with pools are drownings, which occur when someone is submerged underwater and cannot safely reach the surface. As a result, they will inhale the water, causing them to suffocate. Anyone who passes away within twenty-four hours of submersion is considered a drowning victim. Those that live past the twenty-four-hour mark are considered near-drowning victims.

Unfortunately, chemical-related accidents are also common, as these materials are used to keep pools clean. However, if these materials are not used or handled properly, they can cause serious injuries. For example, if a homeowner uses the wrong amount of chlorine or leaves a container open, a child swimming in the pool or walking near the container can inhale the fumes.

Finally, if the pool is not wired correctly or there are electronics left near the water, it can cause electrocution. Systems that are poorly maintained can actually leak into the pool, injuring those swimming or touching the water.

What Injuries Can Result From a Swimming Pool Accident?

Unfortunately, those submerged in water for a prolonged period will often pass away because of the accident. Those who do not pass away as a result of the injuries can often suffer brain damage from the lack of oxygen while underwater.

Similarly, if someone inhales toxic fumes from chemicals, they can suffer respiratory distress. This means they can endure pulmonary edema and may even suffer a collapsed lung as a result.

If poorly kept electricity is to blame, swimmers can suffer electrocution while in the water. Known as electric shock drowning, this can cause even the best swimmers to pass away or sustain life-altering injuries like death or paralysis.

What Should I Do if Someone I Love is Injured?

If you or a loved one are injured due to a negligent home or property owner who has not taken the necessary precautions to ensure the swimming pool is safe, you’ll want to contact an attorney immediately. Keep all medical records and bills, as this can help prove damages. If possible, take photos of the property to show that the conditions of the swimming pool are unsafe.

Remember, drowning is often silent. Be sure to always have an eye on one another while swimming, and if you have children, you should never let them near a pool alone.

When you or a loved one are hurt because of unsafe swimming pool conditions by a homeowner, municipality, or hotel owner, Shane Hall, Attorney at Law, can help. Our dedicated legal team understands how devastating these injuries can be. Contact us today to learn how we can fight for justice for you.