If you have children, they’ve likely been looking forward to Halloween since the beginning of the month, if not earlier! While this is a fun time for little ones to dress up and get treats, it can also be incredibly dangerous. Unfortunately, many are unfamiliar with the risks of trick-or-treating on Halloween night. As such, it’s in your best interest to keep reading to learn what you can do to keep your kids safe and how a Pikeville, Kentucky personal injury lawyer can help you during these challenging times.

What Dangers Are Present on Halloween?

While Halloween is a spooky holiday intended to pose a fun fright for children, there are real risks that make this a scary night. Unfortunately, the greatest threat for trick-or-treaters is negligent drivers. Though many know it’s Halloween, meaning there’s an increased presence of children, they may not take the steps to slow down and stay alert. Additionally, as this is a time many adults enjoy as a drinking holiday, the risk of intoxicated drivers increases.

Similarly, you may find that property owners who are excited about the holiday may decorate their lawns. However, if they do not take the steps to clear their walkway, those on their property trick-or-treating may trip, fall, and become injured.

How Can I Reduce the Risk?

If you’re worried about your child getting injured while trick-or-treating, it’s important to teach them how to stay safe as a pedestrian. This includes only crossing the street at designated crosswalks, waiting for drivers to stop before entering the crosswalk, and paying attention to cars backing out of driveways. Additionally, older children should know the importance of staying alert while walking, meaning they shouldn’t be looking at their phones unless they are stopped in a safe location.

While you may be unable to ensure a homeowner keeps their property safe, you can help your children avoid an increased risk of injury. You should ensure their costume fits properly for increased visibility and mobility. If it is too long, they may trip over the extra fabric. Additionally, you should opt for face paint instead of a mask, as this can block parts of their vision, making it even more challenging to see unclear hazards.

What Should I Do if My Child Is Hurt While Trick-or-Treating in Kentucky?

If your child sustains injuries while collecting candy despite taking the necessary precautions, understanding the steps you can take to protect them is critical. The most important thing you can do as a parent is to ensure you take them to a medical professional for immediate treatment.

It can be devastating to see your child suffer on what was supposed to be a fun night. As such, it’s critical to hold the negligent party liable for the injuries your child has endured. When you need help, Shane Hall, Attorney at Law, is ready to fight for you. Our dedicated team will examine the details of your case to guide you through these challenging times. Keep reading to learn more.