If you slip and fall on a wet floor and get seriously injured, you may have legal options. A Pike County, KY premises liability lawyer can take a closer look at your case and tell you more about pursuing damages. If you are ready to hold someone accountable for their negligence, our law firm is ready to back you up.

Where Are Wet Floor Accidents Common?

Slip and fall accidents can happen on wet floors in many different places. We can help people who have been injured in:

  • Supermarkets
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Office buildings
  • Malls
  • Schools
  • Gyms
  • The homes of other people

Whether the floor is wet due to some busted plumbing or a leaking item from the shelf, someone should be on the lookout for such issues and ready to fix them. Failing that, they can at least warn people with a wet floor sign or something similar. If no one in charge of the property takes any steps to deal with a hazard like a wet floor, they should be held accountable.

What Kinds of Injuries Can Be Caused By a Slip and Fall?

People can get seriously injured by a slip and fall. It’s not uncommon for people to end up with broken bones and significant cuts and bruises. Many victims end up with injuries that can continue to affect them for life, including spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries. Older people are especially subsceptible to grievous injuries, like hip fractures.

Can I Really Sue Over a Wet Floor?

It may seem silly to sue over a wet floor at first, but it’s about responsibility. When you are invited onto someone’s property, they owe you a duty of care. They should have done everything possible to ensure that the property was safe for you and that there are no open and obvious hazards that could cause an accident.

When someone does not pay enough attention to the safety of their property, they should be held accountable. You can sue for damages that would help you cover your medical expenses and make up for any psychological trauma you have experienced. A lawyer from our firm can help you build the most effective case possible.

What Should I Do Right After an Accident?

For anyone who plans to sue, what happens right after you fall on a wet floor is important. You should take photos of the accident scene and fill out an incident report, if asked. This can serve as evidence in a case. If there are witnesses, get their contact information.

Then get medical care as soon as you possibly can. Putting this off will encourage an insurer to argue that you were not all that injured in the accident.

Contact Our Legal Team

If you have more questions about your options after a slip and fall, contact Shane Hall Attorney at Law, PLLC. We can schedule a consultation and tell you more about what we can do for you after you or a loved one have been hurt by a wet floor and a negligent property owner.