Though it feels like winter drags on every year, spring usually greets us in the months of March and April. Flowers start to bloom, people start spending more time outside, and wildlife makes a reappearance as animals come out of hibernation. With all of these positives, there are some negative things about spring as well. Spring brings about certain road hazards that are not as common during other times of the year. Below you will find examples of the potential dangers of early spring for drivers and tips on how to stay safe. If you were involved in an accident, a Pike County, KY auto accident lawyer can help.

What Are Some Road Hazards During Spring and How Can I Avoid Them?

The following are some road hazards that you might encounter in the springtime. You should exercise caution for these potential dangers year round, but they pose a particularly unique hazard during the early stages of spring.

Potholes: Potholes are a common hazard during the spring months. They are formed by water seeping into the pavement freezing and melting continuously. When the water freezes and melts it expands and contracts, creating weak spots in the asphalt. This is common over the winter. Cars and trucks weigh several tons so when they drive on top of those weak points it creates new potholes that are discovered in spring. To avoid damage to your tires or vehicle due to potholes do not drive at excessive speeds and pay attention to the road. You may be able to safely maneuver out of the way and avoid them.

Pedestrians: Especially in colder climates, people tend to stay indoors during the winter. When spring begins you will see a serious uptick in pedestrian traffic. People will begin going on walks, runs, and bike rides. Children will start playing outside again and walking themselves to and from school. You can avoid potential hazards from pedestrians by practicing safe driving. Follow the posted speed limits and exercise caution, particularly in residential areas and near schools.

Animals: Like people, animals begin to emerge from their hibernation during the spring months. You will see more wildlife out and about exploring near local roads, in parks, and even near highways. Animals may run out into the road unexpectedly. To avoid a collision, follow the rules of the road and do not speed. Keep an eye out for animal crossing signs and be prepared to stop if you spot an animal in the way.

Slick roads: Spring showers are a real thing. March and April tend to be very rainy. This can cause wet roads and even flooding depending on the area. Snow melting due to the warmer weather can also contribute to slick roads, causing hydroplaning. Avoid losing control of your vehicle by adjusting your speed for the weather or road conditions. Do not drive through flooded areas.

Neglected vehicle maintenance: The winter months can be tough on a car, so it is important to keep up with maintenance. Check if your tires still have adequate tread. Check to see if your windshield wipers are worn out as well. You can prevent an accident due to maintenance by taking your car to a mechanic or performing routine checks. If you have winter tires on, switch them out for all-season tires. Get new windshield wipers if needed.