Accidents can happen anywhere, but if an accident like a slip and fall happens in someone’s house, should they be held liable? In some cases, the answer is yes. If a homeowner does not make every effort to keep invitees safe on their property, they should be held responsible when someone gets hurt due to their negligence. So if you were thinking about suing someone after you got injured at their home, a Pike County, KY premises liability lawyer from our law firm may be able to assist you.

What Responsibilities Does a Homeowner Have?

It is usually understood that a homeowner owes people invited onto their property a “duty of care.” If they know about a hazard or dangerous situation on their property, they should warn guests or take care of the problem. A homeowner who does neither is putting their guests in danger. If their guests end up getting injured by those hazards that they knew about and did nothing to fix, then the homeowner could be sued for damages.

What Dangers Should a Homeowner Look Out For?

There are many things that can cause a slip-and-fall accident. A homeowner should take care of obvious issues like:

  • Puddles and slippery floors
  • Broken pieces of floor
  • Crumbling walkways
  • Loose rugs and mats that can bunch up
  • Broken or missing banisters
  • Snow or ice on sidewalks or driveways

Any homeowner should realize that these things could be dangerous to others.

How Long Do I Have to Sue After a Slip and Fall?

If you do get injured after falling at someone else’s home, you should act quickly. Not only does this give you a chance to build a more effective case, but starting the legal process as soon as possible also ensures that you do not run out of time to pursue your case.

The statute of limitations for personal injury suits lasts just one year in Kentucky. That means that your case will be thrown out if you wait too long to file. Do not miss your chance to pursue compensation.

Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

You are not required to hire a lawyer when pursuing damages, but one can do so much to help you with your case. An attorney from our firm can:

  • Help you keep track of important dates and deadlines
  • Handle all communications on your behalf
  • Calculate fair compensation
  • Defend you from any accusations of fault or wrongdoing
  • Prepare you for testimony

Your attorney can advocate for you at every turn and help you fight for the best possible outcome.

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