Over the past few years, indoor trampoline parks have become increasingly popular hang-out spots for kids. Not only are they great for birthday parties and special events, but they’re also a great way for children to receive exercise and burn off energy. However, some dangers can come with spending time jumping around. If you or your child were hurt in a trampoline park, understanding if the company can be held liable is crucial. The following blog explores what you must know and how a Pikeville, KY personal injury lawyer can assist you with any challenges you may face when recovering compensation.

How Can Injuries in Trampoline Parks Occur?

Unfortunately, there are several ways someone can suffer injuries while at a trampoline park. In some instances, there is the assumption of risk in place, meaning injuries that occur from something like landing wrong can happen. There is always the chance you can sprain your ankle if you do not land on the trampoline properly, and you assume this risk by proceeding regardless. Most people understand the company cannot be held liable for these injuries.

However, other, more severe injuries can occur due to the negligence of the staff or owner of the park. For example, if the employees assigned to supervise the area are not paying attention, it can lead to too many people jumping on the trampoline in one area. Additionally, there may be malfunctions or assembly issues with the trampoline, making it unsafe for use.

It is not uncommon for any of the following injuries to occur:

  • Broken bones
  • Sprains
  • Neck and spine injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Dislocations
  • Back injuries

If I Signed a Waiver, Can I Still Receive Compensation?

When you sign a waiver before entering a trampoline park, some may make you relinquish the right to sue the company regardless of the negligence that led to your or your child’s injury. However, Kentucky does not always agree with “pre-injury liability waivers,” especially when a profiting business is involved.

The owner, designers of the trampolines, and the manufacturing company may all be held liable if issues regarding the design, production, or assembly of the equipment are to blame for the injuries inflicted.

Generally, if you are injured due to the negligence of a trampoline park, you may be able to pursue compensation, even if you signed a waiver relinquishing your rights. However, if you find yourself in these circumstances, it’s best to enlist the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney to examine your rights during these challenging times.

If you or your child are hurt, we understand how complex these times can be. That’s why Shane Hall Attorney at Law is dedicated to ensuring you and your family can recover the compensation you deserve. Contact our firm today to discuss the details of your case with a member of our legal team to explore how we can fight for the compensation you deserve.