People can fall and get injured nearly anywhere, but slip and fall cases are certainly more common in certain industries and establishments. It does not matter to our law firm where you were injured though. If you were hurt and believe that the negligence of someone else is to blame, a Pike County, KY premises liability lawyer would like to hear from you.

Which Industries Have Many Slip and Fall Cases?

Slip and fall cases can originate from many different places. Falls are often caused by debris that blocks walkways, liquids that someone can slip on, or walking areas that are damaged or falling apart. As a result, we see many cases that come from:

  • Parking lots and garages
  • Worksites, like factory floors and construction sites
  • Supermarkets and other retailers
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Public pools
  • Restaurants and bars

What Should I Do If I Get Injured in a Slip and Fall?

If you end up getting injured in a fall, take pictures of the accident scene. If anyone saw what happened, get their information because they could be used as a witness. Fill out an incident report if the establishment offers one, and then make sure that you get a copy of your own.

Then it is time to get the medical care that you need and talk to an attorney. When you take these steps, you protect yourself, secure important evidence, and start building a convincing slip and fall case.

Can I Be Blamed For My Own Fall?

It is not uncommon for defendants in slip and fall cases to blame a victim for their own fall. They might say that:

  • A hazard was obvious or there was a warning about it that you ignored
  • You were distracted by your phone or something else when you fell
  • You were under the influence of drugs or alcohol

There is a good reason why defendants would do this. Kentucky follows a comparative negligence rule, meaning that a victim can be held partly responsible for their own injuries. This can result in reduced damages being award. As an example, if a jury awards you $200,000 but determines that you were 30% at fault, you get only 70% of that settlement, or $140,000.

What Should Compensation Cover in Slip and Fall Cases?

Compensation can cover medical bills, but it can also cover your lost wages if you missed work as a result of your accident. A fair offer should also address the psychic toll your accident took on you as well as any pain and suffering you experienced.

How Long Do You Have to Pursue Slip and Fall Cases in Kentucky?

If you get hurt in a fall, you must begin pursuing damages within one year of the accident. This is the statute of limitations. Try pursuing legal action after this time limit expires and you’ll find that you have given up your chance to fight for compensation.

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